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Oil Changes and General Maintenance
for All Vehicles

Price’s Garage, LLC, in Clarksburg, WV, Keeps You Running Smoothly

Just because a vehicle is not broken or malfunctioning does not mean all is well forever. There are preventative measures to take and maintenance to perform to keep a car, SUV, or truck performing efficiently and effectively. Vehicle owners should change their oil and oil filters, among other tasks, to extend the life of their automobile. But many fail to do it, because they are too busy or do not know how.

When you need an oil change or general automotive maintenance in Clarksburg, WV; Weston, WV; Buckhannon, WV; or in any of the surrounding counties, bring your vehicle to Price’s Garage, LLC, in Clarksburg, WV. Since 2011, we have maintained cars, trucks, or SUVS for countless customers. We have the experience and the know-how to do the job correctly and get drivers back out on the road.

For more information on our automotive maintenance work or to schedule an appointment, contact us today. Call us at (304) 623-5117, or email us at [email protected].

Why Change Oil and Oil Filters?

Why do vehicle owners need to change the oil and oil filter in their car, truck, or SUV? Oil plays a very important role in keeping a vehicle in top running order. It lubricates the motor and absorbs heat, which keeps the engine parts working at peak efficiency without overheating. Oil also removes sludge and dirt from the engine, and it helps promote fuel efficiency by maintaining engine performance. In time, oil will break down and its effectiveness lessens dramatically. That is why it is important to regularly change the oil and oil filter.

It is also important to perform other general maintenance tasks on a vehicle, too. People exercise, eat right, and get regular checkups with a doctor to stay in good shape. Auto maintenance keeps a car, truck, or SUV in good shape. Vital maintenance includes checking coolant and fluid levels, changing air filters, checking and rotating tires, and making sure all components work well, including headlights, brake lights, and turn signals.

Let Us Handle Your Automotive Maintenance Needs

Price’s Garage, LLC, is your one-stop auto maintenance shop. Our ASE-certified master technicians are happy to perform routine maintenance for all types of vehicles.

We will change your oil and oil filter, check your levels, rotate your tires, and do everything that your car needs to continue at peak efficiency. And we do it all with great customer service. Trust us for all general auto maintenance needs.

Awesome Auto Repair for All Types of Vehicles

Our expert team can also handle all auto repair needs, too. We are the transmission repair authorities for Clarksburg, WV; Weston, WV; Buckhannon, WV; and everywhere in between. No fix is too complicated for us, and we handle both automatic and manual transmission repairs. At Price’s Garage, LLC, we handle everything, from engine repair to brakes. From bumper to bumper, our team has it covered with hard work, dedication, integrity, and friendly customer service. Bring your car, truck, or SUV to us for great, effective work on: