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Manual Transmission Troubles
Creating Sticky Situations

Trust Price’s Garage, LLC, in Clarksburg, WV, to Fix The Issue

Many drivers love manual transmissions. They offer more freedom to control their car, truck, or SUV. They can be very fun, too, as drivers are constantly moving. They are constantly doing something, pushing the clutch and shifting gears. However, when that manual transmission malfunctions or breaks, the fun quickly ends.

When people in Clarksburg, WV; Weston, WV; Buckhannon, WV; and throughout the entire area need manual transmission work on their vehicle, they turn to Price’s Garage, LLC, in Clarksburg, WV. We have been in business since 2011, and in that time, we have successfully repaired countless manual transmissions. And we bring that vast experience to every job for every customer.

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Manual Transmissions Have Fewer Parts, Offer More Control

The big difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission is that, while an automatic transmission allows the vehicle to decide when to shift gears, the driver is in complete control with a manual transmission, using a clutch and a shifter to shift the vehicle’s gears. While automatics feature many hydraulic, mechanical, and electronic parts to aid in shifting, a manual transmission has comparatively fewer parts, and they are simply mechanical. Manual transmissions afford drivers more control, promote better fuel economy, and allow for easier fixes. Even so, when they do need fixed, drivers still should seek the services of an experienced technician who understands the transmission’s complexities.

We Expertly Handle Manual Transmission Repair

At Price’s Garage, LLC, our team of ASE-certified master technicians specializes in manual transmission work. We can diagnose any issue and solve it as quickly as possible, getting you back in the driver’s seat and back on the road. In Clarksburg, WV; Buckhannon, WV; and Weston, WV, we are the smart choice for manual transmission repair.

We also specialize in automatic transmission work. We are the transmission authorities, and we pride ourselves on offering honest, outstanding customer service alongside our hard work, dedication, and superior expertise. We will work hard to get that car, truck, or SUV moving once again.

Auto Repair Expertise Very Close in Clarksburg, WV

Our team of technicians at Price’s Garage, LLC, expertly handles much more than just transmission repairs. We are your number one choice for any type of auto repair and maintenance. Whether you live in Clarksburg, WV; Weston, WV; Buckhannon, WV; or anywhere throughout the surrounding area, we have you covered from complex engine repairs to simple oil changes. Come to us for work on: