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Let Price’s Garage, LLC, in Clarksburg, WV, Keep You Cool

A broken or malfunctioning air conditioning system can really make someone lose their cool. When you are sweating out air conditioning issues, bring your car, truck, or SUV to Price’s Garage, LLC, in Clarksburg, WV. We have provided effective, expert air conditioning repair for people in Clarksburg, WV; Weston, WV; Buckhannon, WV; and the entire area since 2011. Trust our work.

For more information on our air conditioning repair work or to schedule an appointment, contact us today. Call us at (304) 623-5117, or email us at [email protected].

A Malfunctioning Air Conditioner Can Be Uncomfortable

Both drivers and passengers certainly appreciate a vehicle’s air conditioning system. On a hot summer day, it provides a refreshing respite from the oppressive heat by cooling and removing the humidity from a car. While people can drive their car with a broken air conditioning system, it can be uncomfortable, and they will probably want it fixed quickly. Some common problems that can occur with an air conditioning system are compressor or cooling fan malfunctions, leaks, clogged filters, or radiator troubles. It may also be a simple issue like recharging the system.

Turn to Us for Effective Air Conditioning Repairs

Our team of ASE-certified master technicians can answer and alleviate any air conditioning aggravation with your automobile. Why let cooling problems get you hot under the collar? Price’s Garage, LLC, can fix the issue as quickly as possible.

People in Clarksburg, WV; Weston, WV; Buckhannon, WV; and the entire surrounding area always turn to us with their air conditioning problems, because they know our technicians will give them effective, enjoyable results, thanks to our work ethic, integrity, dedication, and great customer service.

Honest, Hard Work Combined Great Customer Service

At Price’s Garage, LLC, our expert team can handle any auto repair issue for any type of vehicle. We are the transmission experts for the Clarksburg, WV, area and the surrounding counties. There is no problem with either an automatic or manual transmission that we cannot solve. We do it all, from complicated engine repair and suspension work to simple oil changes. And we do it all with a smile, as we pride ourselves on providing great customer service with every job. Honesty, hard work, and courtesy: they are important blocks in our foundation at Price’s Garage, LLC. Bring your vehicle to us for excellent work on: